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National Alliance on Mental Illness

(c) 2014  NAMI  (National Alliance on Mental Illness)     Nassau County , FL  Chapter

Last updated: 11/21/2014

Welcome to our Island. We meet in beautiful Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, and offer a warm, friendly atmosphere for sharing and comforting, as we learn how best to help our mentally ill loved ones. 


Business / Advocacy Board

3rd Thursday of every month 6:30pm, at the Journey Church (Yulee), conference room. 95707 Amelia Concourse, Fernandina Bch.FL



Support Group

1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month 7:00pm, at the Journey Church (Yulee), family care room.

95707 Amelia Concourse, Fernandina Bch.FL

Every Friday, 11:00 am , at Council on Aging, 1367  S.18th Street, Fernandina Beach, FL

(Directly across from Baptist Medical Center)

Our mission is to educate the general public so they will understand that mental illnesses are neurological brain disorders that are no-fault, biologically based, treatable, and may eventually be preventable. They will be exposed to and understand possible solutions and alternative approaches to services/treatment for mentally ill people. With effective treatment, the Surgeon General states that with early recognition and proper medical treatment, 80% of those with mental disorders can live healthy, productive lives."  Mental illness will receive its fair share of government resources and entitlement based on its incidence and affect on society. We will end the stigma the mentally ill suffer.

Our Mission



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Support Group

Connection  Class

Connection meetings are now happening on both sides of Nassau County!  Jane O'Neil and Sue Lowe have the Fernandina weekly meetings every Monday from 2 -3:30.  They are held at the Council on Aging in Fernandina Beach.

On the west side is another Connection meeting now being held at the Callahan Library by Sue Whitman and Delana Cooper.  The meeting is every Thursday from 2 - 3:30 .  All persons with a mental illness are welcome, including veterans!  It is free and mentors are persons with a mental illness as well.  It is a good chance every week to talk and help to bolster each person up on their road to recovery.  Hope to see many new faces!

Peer 2 Peer Class

We have completed our Peer 2 Peer class now and will have one in the near future, but the date is as yet indefinite or TBA. We recently graduated seven people on October 22nd from the Peer2Peer class which were faciliatated by Sue Whitman and Jane O'Neil.

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